About the Reporting API

The Reporting API provides a real-time view of key events occurring in the cTrader ecosystem. The API also has a mechanism for retrieving past data in case any real-time messages are missed.


After successful integration, you should start receiving special messages containing data about new orders, deals, positions and (optionally) changes in trading instrument prices. You can use data from these messages for any number of purposes, including risk management, performance evaluation and strategic planning.


By sending a simple web request, you can request a "snapshot" of all server entities of a particular type and their details. You can use this information to easily reconcile your reporting system with the state of the cTrader backend.

How the Reporting API Works

To send real-time events to your reporting system, the Reporting API relies on RabbitMQ, a well-known message broker suite. Connecting to our RabbitMQ node is easy as you only need to perform three key actions.

  • Whitelist your IP by contacting Spotware’s service assurance team.
  • Receive read-only credentials to RabbitMQ.
  • Using a RabbitMQ client for your preferred programming language, initialise a connection with our RabbitMQ installation.

Afterwards, you should start receiving event messages that you can handle using any suitable logic.

Note that the only prerequisites for integrating with the Reporting API are whitelisting your IPs and receiving all the necessary credentials to our RabbitMQ node. This makes the integration process very quick to complete, allowing you to stay informed about all major trading activities almost immediately after gaining access to the cTrader backend.

Key Benefits of the Reporting API

Just like any other Spotware product, the Reporting API offers several major benefits to users.

Speed and efficiency.

The Reporting API uses lightweight Google Protobufs to send real-time event messages, reducing connection loads.

Superior reliability.

Attaining a "snapshot" for reconciling with the cTrader backend can be done via a simple web request, ensuring that you never miss out on important data.

Smooth integration.

As the Reporting API relies on RabbitMQ, you can use any existing RabbitMQ client to shorten the integration time to a minimum.

Ease of maintenance.

As each message event has a unique sequence number, it is easy to determine whether reconciliation is required at any given time.


The Spotware Documentation Centre contains extensive documentation on how you can integrate with the Reporting API. The documentation also details how you can perform web requests to make "snapshots" and when exactly you should initiate reconciliation with the cTrader backend.

As is the case with other Spotware APIs, the Reporting API documentation is regularly updated to reflect all the latest changes and improvements.